Welcome to Ilé Alo

Written By Team Ilé Alo

Hey world!

Welcome to Ilé Alo.

Ilé Alo is already full of brilliant stories that explore a myriad of different themes, concepts, ideas, genres. These are stories written by people of African descent from all across the globe. We hope you’re ready to explore, learn from and enjoy the wonders our stories.

As the Ilé Alo community continues to grow over the next few months, we will be updating the website with brand new features – so keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates and improvements to your experience on Ilé Alo.

If you too want to share your stories on Ilé Alo, you absolutely can. Whatever your stories are, fiction, non-fiction, opinion pieces, reviews, poetry, commentary, Ilé Alo is open to all. Simply register (it’s the easiest registration you’ve ever seen – we promise) and hit the “write a new story” button.

Whilst we believe that anyone can write a fantastic story and therefore welcome everyone to share, we want our community to take pride in our stories. This means that we expect storytellers to put their best into their stories. It also means that we don’t want harmful and offensive content here.

To ensure this we have created a basic approval process for story submissions. When you submit a story, the Ile Alo team will review it against our Community Guidelines before it is published to the site. Approval is a quick process and we will send you an email notification once your story is available to view! We want to publish as many stories as possible, but we must also work together to ensure that this community remains a safe space for all.

Please also note that we take plagiarism very seriously, if we become aware that any work submitted to the site has been plagiarised we will immediately remove both story and storyteller. Please remember to credit photos you use and seek permission if you require it to re-post your story from another site.

Now that all that is said and done … what are you waiting for? Dive into our world of storytelling! We hope your experience here is as enjoyable as we have created it to be 🙂

If you have any issues using the site or have any feedback you would like to give us, don’t hesitate to drop us an email on admin@ilealo.com

All the best,

Team Ilé Alo