Loving You is A Safe Journey

Written By Michael Chukwudera


the most beautiful thing about loving you

are the things i learn about love;

how it can be synonym for wings

and how loving the right woman

was a metaphor for flying, higher

than all the hurdles that used to be a blockade

igosirim na ihu n’anya bu ije

you taught me that love was a journey

and one with purpose

so that it explained a reason

for holding on to life

when difficulties scatter all over

like question marks on a blank sheet

the love we share has become the answer

that explains the destination

at the end of the obscure roads that life is

obim, loving you made me into a philosopher

that searched for optimism

in the unlikeliest of places which turned out

to be the most beautiful

because everything becomes beautiful around you

and when we are out together at night,

i see the face of hope, redressed

in the twinkle stars far up in the sky

when we walk around the parks in the evening,

i perceive music in the chirping of crickets

when we hold hands as we walked together

and you press mine, i feel myself melting into you

it is not that the problems of life go away

sometimes, they come knocking on my door

dressed in their intimidating doses

then i remember, it is you who shares this path with me

and that love is a synonym for wings

and loving you, a metaphor for flying past hurdles

so i fasten my seatbelt and savour the strength

that heralding you in my heart gives me

when i think of you, i do not see

the intimidation of mountains,

i see you smiling at me

and restating your belief

at the other end of victory, beyond the rift.