Former Kings, now slaves

Written By Babalola oluwaseyi

Now I see blacks in the developed world using history as the only weapon to defend themselves,
The father of civilization,
By telling them they are queens and kings,
But little do you know that the kings in Africa are not in control of anything anymore,
They learnt their lessons by the intervention of the Europeans, coming to shed more light about freedom of the common man who is not royalty,
Whose freedom has been taken away from them just because they were born into a lower class family,
And right from his birth,
His servitude to the kings begins till he meets his death,
With freedom, he expresses himself,
Makes his voice heard,
Fights for what he believes in,
And vows in his mind to end the rule of the monarchy,
In order to achieve this,
Shares the secret of his people to the foreigners,
Who come in the name of freedom,
To end the tyranny of the monarchs,
Recently in Africa,
The common man is the ruling class and the monarchs are just figure heads or puppets,
Despite all this,
Man would always be good and bad,
No matter the race.