Coronation: Queen of the Desert

Written By Mayowa Ayodele

she has come. she will thrive.

a desert plain and plain
where she is found in a crown
robes of dust coating the ground

a brush touch from wind
like a streak of starlit night
felt in the dip of the chin
no hush, just two soft dins:

a chime that perpetually rhymes
with eternity
and a sob sound song
singing from the womb
from here currently now till the tomb

crimson and violent violet black
blue hues of gray
emerald and orange
silver with gilded gold
this sky has always been prematurely old

reign with no rain
height with no distance
faith with no hope

wisdom with hints of prudence
laughter woven together with tears
so many dimples washed in fear

how sweet Grace came to the senses
she has come to thrive
and everything else has come for her
and everything else has come for her