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A Fifteen-Minute Walk

You think a fifteen-minute walk (this fifteen-minute walk: down the street to the estate gate down the estate driveway to the main-road across the round-about to the other road down the road to the T-junction left to the market) is straightforward… Until you have big breasts, big bumbum, big glasses and Suddenly, no one on Read more about A Fifteen-Minute Walk[…]

Written by:Immaculata Abba

The Atro(City) of Lagos

Smoke billows here. Not the fumes that we inhale; the dark breath that paints our lungs black. Smoke – oily whispers – blown up our asses by the sweet lips of trad-clad rulers of might and power. Smoke – the poisoned gas of promise; the helium of hope that tickles us into temporary laughter. The Read more about The Atro(City) of Lagos[…]

Written by:Abimbola Alaba

A Paradox of Paradise

Nigeria: A Paradox of Paradise In the same place But somewhere else The sky is always blue Orange days, forever bright Unbothered by conscience or by night Men wear garments of mirthful air Amidst a foul corruption Their soles untouched By the poison that kills the souls Of other men Somewhere else In the same Read more about A Paradox of Paradise[…]

Written by:Abimbola Alaba