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Last Night You Came Home Dead

If you remember last night, you would remember you came home late, your mascara darkening your eyes, your tears messing up your makeup. You would remember you hugged me as soon as I opened the door. You cried on my shoulders for minutes standing, until I led you to the bed. You said you never Read more about Last Night You Came Home Dead[…]

Written by:Bryan Okwesili

Stan’s Motorbike

Your neon green bandage mini skirt rolls up as you sit on his bare, hairy laps. He grunts as you feel yourself fully lowered onto him. He gropes at your left breast. You don’t feel the yank but your mind draws out the thirty directions your breast has been pulled tonight. Your kitty is numb Read more about Stan’s Motorbike[…]

Written by:Oprah Oyugi


“Sheets” by Annierra Matthews I was a black girl virgin; my roommate’s moans and sighs and the repetition of her lover’s name—Danny—reminded me of that. She must’ve thought they sexed quietly in the small dorm room we shared. From the time they stumbled in, the wall I looked at spared me. I didn’t have to Read more about Sheets[…]

Written by:Annierra Matthews

Summer’s Rain

I bumped into Dave at a bar neither of us liked. It was the middle of summer’s rain, a rare off-day from the overstuffed couple’s resort. We traded numbers. I borrowed a marker from a half-drunk waiter and scribbled my name and number on a thick paper coaster. He taught surfing lessons to elderly couples Read more about Summer’s Rain[…]

Written by:Annierra Matthews