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The Celebration

We call it the celebration. “He went for his graduation in heaven,” Mama said of Uncle Joseph’s death, commending him to God the same way she began entrusting my brothers and I to the divine. In the throes of her grief, she would tie a white scarf on her head and order us to our Read more about The Celebration[…]

Written by:Miriam Jerotich


He Was Delayed

“…she was bored of working in a nursing home, taking care of the old who refused to die.” They first saw each other seven years ago, outside the US embassy in Gigiri, on one of those early Nairobi mornings when you were not quite sure whether it would rain or whether the sun would rise. Read more about He Was Delayed[…]

Written by:Miriam Jerotich

The Drumsticks

Whenever Juliet’s father got his end month salary, chicken would be cooked in the house. Daddy’s salary always came on the 30th and the children automatically knew the accompanying delicacy. It was the only time of the month when they could afford such a luxury dinner. Daddy worked for a rich Indian man who owned Read more about The Drumsticks[…]

Written by:Lorna Likiza

Sunday at 11 o’ clock

Our neighborhood was laden with interesting characters. It was not a particularly posh neighborhood. Simply, a typical Kenyan neighborhood made up of individuals who could afford to get by, with an open, dusty space separating the houses on each side and a common gate. Nobody needed the gate anyway, since all the houses were further Read more about Sunday at 11 o’ clock[…]

Written by:Lorna Likiza

The Earth Also Turns

He stared at the mellow evening sky as if his life depended on it. The rays of the sun, tan and mellow, invaded the world in sweet gentle ways, transforming everything in its path — lilacs, azaleas, empty tins, shabby shrubs, hills, houses — into its likeness: as above, so below. But Bassey had not come out to see Read more about The Earth Also Turns[…]

Written by:Udeme Ralph

How Bodies Lie

How Bodies Lie The day mother told you how your body should lie next to that of another, you were five. People say they don’t tell children these things — it affects how they think. Mother won’t have you being clueless on how you should place your body next to that of another and so Read more about How Bodies Lie[…]

Written by:Irene Ibiwari-Ikiriko

A Frog’s Home is Called a Pond

I know you grew up on the streets, that you feel the streets made you, that you are now the streets, maybe just a human version. I know that when you were younger, death led your parents along and your relatives rejected you saying you were bad omen, that whenever you passed something gets missing. Read more about A Frog’s Home is Called a Pond[…]

Written by:Bryan Okwesili