Can I Get Any Answers?

Written By Nonye Ezeaka

Sometimes I wonder

How is it that we came to be?

I should not be thinking about it

It’s a miracle

But this thought never eludes me

It comes to me against my will

I believe in God

I know he created everything, I know

But there’s Allah, Buddha, Krishna and Ram

How do we know whose path is right to follow?

For all we know, our reality might be someone’s entertainment

A game of thrones (throes)

Alas! It’s a mystery!

What’s the point of our existence?

For what reason do we survive?

Go to school, make a living somehow

Pop out a baby or two, train them well and then kiss this world goodbye?

Same, old cycle that many people endure with a frown

Everything is vanity, you’d think we’d want to make our time count

All these questions that run through my mind on some days

In between thoughts of lecturers and tests,

What I’ll have for lunch and how I can make (save) money

And of how much I want to take a rest

From this drag that is my daily living

It’s no wonder I often look like my mind is spinning