June 28, 2018
The world as told by Africa and her descendants.
Welcome to Ilé Alo – “House of Stories” Yoruba language.
We exist to inspire narratives that empower contemporary Africa.

What We Believe In.


Chances are you have stories to tell. Stories of your life, stories of your opinions, stories from your imagination, stories you’ve put into poetry.  We think you should tell these stories, regardless of your age and experience, regardless of content, genre and format.


Story by story we can catapult our content and perspectives onto the international stage. Story by story we can shape and re-shape perceptions.  Story by story we can all create discussion and dialogue within our world that leads to the change we want to see.


We know that our stories are multi-layered, beautifully textured and from a spectrum of experiences across the globe; our stories transcend any single narrative. But for mainstream perceptions to shift, our stories need to be front and centre. You’ve heard it before – but we’ll say it again – the narrative must change.


As descendants of Africa, storytelling is deeply woven into our fabric. Ilé Alo captures the natural ease with which we tell our stories. This is a space where we can all feel empowered to write and read our truths. This is a community where we can all connect as storytellers and story lovers.