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Fragile Beautiful Creatures

Tonight, your mother will draw you into the house by the ear. You will wince in pain as you struggle to set yourself free from her grip but her grip will be too strong. Her hands had seen grief and struggles and have moulded words into daily bread so they’ve become so strong, so hard Read more about Fragile Beautiful Creatures[…]

Written by:Ogba S. Daniel

A Witch Without Wings

As a child I was taught that pain was the only path to success, as such I embraced the cruelty of all of life’s elements. It is the way we live, it is the way I lived. Growing up my home was adorned with pearl-like tears; wailing was a steady song. I remember once praying Read more about A Witch Without Wings[…]

Written by:Thom-Okoroh Biodomoye Amanda

My Mother’s Son

They say a mother’s love is unconditional, I think it’s pretentious. The first time my brother, Idris, was expelled, it was for stealing his teacher’s purse. My mother was shaken at the news. I remember watching her, trying to discern if she was pretending or never really believed her son capable of such. My father Read more about My Mother’s Son[…]

Written by:Asheolge H. Moses