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Support System

I walked down the familiar street leading to my house; church street, yes, that was the name. It had been 6 months since I treaded that path, and fortunately, nothing had changed; on your left, the dentist’s office, with its slime green, slightly browned walls still remained the first thing you would see on entering Read more about Support System[…]

Written by:Onwudinjo Anwulika

Coronation: Queen of the Desert

she has come. she will thrive. a desert plain and plain where she is found in a crown robes of dust coating the ground a brush touch from wind like a streak of starlit night felt in the dip of the chin no hush, just two soft dins: a chime that perpetually rhymes with eternity Read more about Coronation: Queen of the Desert[…]

Written by:Mayowa Ayodele

Loving You is A Safe Journey

Darling, the most beautiful thing about loving you are the things i learn about love; how it can be synonym for wings and how loving the right woman was a metaphor for flying, higher than all the hurdles that used to be a blockade igosirim na ihu n’anya bu ije you taught me that love Read more about Loving You is A Safe Journey[…]

Written by:Michael Chukwudera

Violent Prayer

By God, the entire congregation was caught in the spirit! The pastor screamed God’s praise into the mic. The instrumentalists closely matched his pitch as he moved in repetition of the song. The men spun, caught up in the arms of God. The women shook their buttocks from side to side, lifted their heads, only Read more about Violent Prayer[…]

Written by:Oke Ekpagha

When we let them decide…

I will never forget the sun in my sister’s eyes. On a weeknight, as we waited the hours of eight for my father’s return, and ten for my suit-wearing mother, she told me of her longing to visit City Park. And I wouldn’t think we’d find ourselves there days later, in our denims and whites, Read more about When we let them decide…[…]

Written by:Amarachi "Amie" Ike

Better Coping Mechanisms

I suppose at first I saw you clearly. ‘Those are not my thoughts.’ I imagine myself saying. I suppose because I cannot remember. You’ve been with me for so long, there is no longer a distinction between you or I. Only us, in a writhing, entangled mass. You tell me that separation is not possible. Read more about Better Coping Mechanisms[…]

Written by:Boitumelo Hlazo