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Daddy’s Transistor Radio

Preye, was a very tall and mighty male creature. He was also a cute stammerer. Words sounded from his mouth the way water sounded in my mouth when I gargled in the sink on school mornings. His house was a few blocks away from ours– it was painted in brick red. Preye came by to Read more about Daddy’s Transistor Radio[…]

Written by:Grace Imangs

Former Kings, now slaves

Now I see blacks in the developed world using history as the only weapon to defend themselves, The father of civilization, By telling them they are queens and kings, But little do you know that the kings in Africa are not in control of anything anymore, They learnt their lessons by the intervention of the Read more about Former Kings, now slaves[…]

Written by:Babalola oluwaseyi

Roller Coaster of Thoughts

In my mind where all thought are conceived what I write is a reflection of what I think, see, hear, experience and more. Some come like there’s a mythical being serving what to pen down, Some come by thinking real deep, Some come from being humorous, Some come as a result of of discussion between Read more about Roller Coaster of Thoughts[…]

Written by:David Akinpelu

All rights Reserved

Two Tales in a Strange Colloquy

Through the tempered glass of my provision store, I watched her take her usual seat on the pavement. To my surprise, she didn’t come in for her usual packet of cream crackers and bottle of water. What I couldn’t understand was her predilection for that spot and obsession with the Catholic Church across the double Read more about Two Tales in a Strange Colloquy[…]

Written by:Akuchidinma Raymonda M.

Something to Do in the Darkness

The black was never an ally. He merely adopted it, found it at the door and allowed its entry with little regard to its intentions. Unlike any of them he tried to assimilate, the black, he hoped, would be replaced with something else…eventually. But it remained and there also stuck the hostile resignation to parley. Read more about Something to Do in the Darkness[…]

Written by:Asaph Muchura

Sunset, Pixabay


i cannot decide if today will be tomorrow’s doppelgänger september means a lot to some of us: beyond clicking of wine glasses, partying, doing party behaviour, beyond behaving september annually, or working hard to buy expensive happiness it’ll come and go. inch by inch day by day attitude by attitude september will come and go Read more about september[…]

Written by:Grace Okogwu

A Different Kind of Freedom

“Ah, my sister Self-esteem is a tricky thing If it hasn’t rained You must ask Earth for a calabash And pluck droplets from the sky Placing them gingerly in your drinking gourd And pluck And place And drink And pluck And place very gingerly And drink and hope that one day you will be full Read more about A Different Kind of Freedom[…]

Written by:Mayowa Ayodele


I. After the party, in her house, they’re drifting in and out of bewilderment, slowly, coolly, wildly, dancing up to the motions of the song, eyes pearly and tumescent and bloodshot of a redness that earnestly, desperately, craves sleep. She’s screaming into his eyes and she’s so beautiful, so reminisecent of the languor of his Read more about Lover[…]

Written by:Emeka David